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March 23, 2012 / who828

In Time, There Will Come a Day When Everything is Just a Memory

(Note: This post is about lessons I learned from my college life and giving it a closure it deserves as I will be done with my college in two months of time and that makes my current days last of my college life.)

A penthouse of 2 bedrooms with a hall and a kitchen, a fifteen minute walk to the campus, the apartment is almost two years old and the rent is just 6.5k rupees.The rooms face west so you can have few extras hours of sleep in the morning and in two months time I am moving out.

I joined my college (R.V.C.E) in 2008, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about as it would be my first time when I would be moving outside of my home. My parents weren’t all that happy when I decided to go to a completely new city which we had only visited once before but they decided to let me do my thing when they saw me determined. Though when I started my college I faced lot of difficulties and the few months at the beginning were really slow, each day at the beginning felt like an eternity but now when I look back it all seemed like a dream which got over by a snap of a finger.

The college life wasn’t all that easy like seen in films, most of the days were filled with boredom and constant annoyance. There were tough days as well when I had to clear an internal exam to get a passing grade so I can write the final exam,dealing with uncooperative professor or studying for a subject that seemed too dry as I couldn’t see its practical usefulness.Back then I didn’t know my left from my right as I was worried about foolish little things and it all seemed like lot of trouble at the time but they are all happy memories now. All the memories which seemed annoying at the time crack me up now and sometimes I find myself with a faint smile.

I lived a very different life during my college time, normally people would go out on trips and have crazy night outs but I didn’t have many of those, I remember going out for just one trip with friends and one night out when we played CS till dusk. That might because I had different goals and I focused on them more, some of you who are reading this might ask do I have any regrets regarding my social life (like not participating in any of the college festivals or not having a large group of friends). I won’t say I was proud of being a loner and there were moments when I felt sad about the entire thing but looking back it was my own decision that led me to such state as such I don’t have regrets about it. I did what I loved back then and things which seemed right at the time, I wasn’t a bookworm or anything I just focused more on programming,animé, and gaming at the time cause I found them more exciting. At least I didn’t fake my lifestyle for sake of others or to look cooler in my friend circle ( that would have been depressing ).

But today when I was having dinner with my friends, I realized that in just couple of months college will be over and most of us will be part ways and go on with our lives on separate paths. I was naive when I was in school, even though I knew at the time that after my final year ( at school ) I won’t be seeing any of my friends but I never gave it much thought and sadly I have not been in contact with any of them. Though the truth is after college things won’t be the same, even if I stay in contact. There might be friends I will meet from time to time, few of them I’ll catch up with help of Google Talk,Skype and Facebook and many of them I will never see again but that’s part of life.

The funny thing is I will miss people who gave me a tough time as much as my close friends because they added variety to my life and made me appreciate my good times even more. The fact life is that everyone moves on with their lives at some point and those who don’t get left behind, life is all about finding new happiness,meeting new people, exploring new possibilities and learning new things.The moments I had in my college will always remain with me, I will cherish them as long as I’ll live but I also know that this time won’t last forever.

That brings me to this quote “In time, There will come a day when everything is just a memory”, as time passes I guess the day will come when all of this will just be a memory when I was there, all of my friends were there,in fact the entire wonderful period my life will continue to fill my heart with sweet nostalgia as I face the new chapter of my life.

All in all, in two months a brand new world will begin for me, one filled with new friends and exciting opportunity but I also know for a fact that even this won’t last for an eternity and thus I want to conclude this post with the following lesson that I learned from my time at college,

One day you will look back at your life with great nostalgia, This time in your life will be over before you realized it  and it will all seem like a dream. There is no way to stop it from happening as we can only live any given moment once so the only way to succeed is to live each moment to the fullest and doing things you believe which adds value to your life, doing things for others will only make you regret later on, so when you look back instead of seeing regrets and things you could have done, you see hope and things that bring a smile on to your face :).

PS: This post is filled with animé quotes & references as a mark of a true Otaku.



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  1. isemenov / Mar 23 2012 3:08 pm

    Wow.. though I wouldn’t necessarily post this in planet kde (tags can help there iirc), but, man, you’ve nailed it on the head. This whole studies thing, be it school or the uni, is all about parting with people with whom you’ve had a lot of fun together.. but this is what life is about in general, probably.

    You seem to be saying that you have only realized it now, at the end of the uni studies, but I’ve known this for years, ever since my last years in high school.. nice thing about it is that you always appreciate the current moments of your life, and don’t just rush it like “life sucks, hope these days will soon be over and the future will be bright”.

    Appreciate the current moment, that’s all I can say! Oh, and don’t get.. attracted to those people who you know you will never meet again or who don’t really care about you caring about them – not worth it, tbh.

    Oh, and I see that you’re Indian – this indeed shows up in this post! 🙂 I bet the Western people would rarely reflect on life like that while they’re young.. Greetings from fellow Russia! 🙂

  2. Valorie Zimmerman (@valoriez) / Apr 14 2012 2:37 am

    Lovely thoughts, Who. When you are old like me, you’ll look back with fondness on even the most annoying bits of school. Far from being “the best years of your life” though — uni is just the mat of the trampoline, giving you the spring you need to leap high in the air. Enjoy it all! {{{{hugs}}}} from Valorie

  3. Anita Loo / Apr 29 2016 10:56 pm

    I love this story but who is the author?

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